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Your Complete Augmented Reality Journey.

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Acanum - Definition



3.6 Billion People

Implementing an AR (Augmented Reality) solution from start to finish does require lots of areas of specialist knowledge and experience, which is why we created the Arcanum® so that our clients can easily get from Storyboard to a finished app without the hassle of worrying or caring about what goes on ‘under the hood.’

Arcanum® is a ready-made feature-rich AR engine with an infinitely scalable content management system. Backed by an expert team, you have the complete turn-key solution for getting your app quickly to the billions of people who already own AR capable iOS and Android devices.


1. First off, we will discuss your Ideas and Requirements and talk through the immediate Technology capabilities and long-term possibilities.

2. Before the contract, we will provide you with a Detailed Storyboard with an Implementation Plan, Costing and Timescales.

3. During Your Project build, we will maintain regular Communication and Milestone Updates and give You Private Live Broadcasting of the Project in real-time.

4. Your Project will be Delivered on Time and to Your Budget

5. We will provide ongoing App Management and Future Proofing Support.

Let’s get started by discussing the possibilities for Your App.

Storyboard & Roadmap

Storyboard & Roadmap

If you already know what you want to do, then you already have a headstart; if not, then don’t worry; our creative team can help and inspire you with all the possibilities to bring your brand to life!

Budget & Scale

Budget & Scaling

After defining your Storyboard and Roadmap, we will provide you with a fully priced shopping list; this will contain the essentials, individual pricing for all app elements, and pricing for any optional extras and items for later in the Roadmap.

Design & Build

Design & Build

Whether we are working in collaboration with your design team or building everything from scratch, this is the stage where you see your product come to life; we provide regular updates and will move to alpha and beta builds as soon as possible to gather feedback.

Live Development

LIVE Development

We operate a wholly transparent and LIVE project management system; you will be able to see anytime, 24/7, exactly how the project is progressing and have full access to the project boards to give instant responses where required.

Launch & Monitor

Launch & Monitor

We will be with you at launch and beyond and help you manage your app throughout its life.

Grow & Future Proof


Arcanum™ allows you to scale your project quickly; we are always actively working on the engine to add new features and ensure compatibility with the latest smart devices on the market.


Using the Arcanum® allows you to create immersive Augmented Reality experiences that transform and bring the world around you alive.

Image Tracking

Arcanum® image tracking allows your app to detect, track, and augment onto 2D images. Arcanum’s multiple target functionalities also enable the monitoring of more than one image at a time.

Arcanum® can recognise images offline, or for solutions that require larger functionality, more target images can be referenced in the cloud.

Image Tracking is ideal for augmenting magazines, product packaging, books, user manuals, catalogues, coasters, gaming cards, and more.

3D Object Tracking

Arcanum® object tracking uses advanced marker-based technology. Just like image tracking recognizes images and planar surfaces, with object tracking works with 3D structures and objects.

Detection based on an object’s pre-recorded map. The workflow is simple: take pictures of an object, upload them to our team and we will do the rest.

Scene Tracking

Similar to object tracking technology, Arcanum® scene tracking advances in recognizing and tracking a wide span of objects or machinery as well as large spaces like rooms, buildings and even landscapes.

Moreover, this technology also offers more precise localisation for more accurate recognition demands and is ideal applied to gaming, manufacture, training and many other environments.


Sometimes, image, object or scene tracking does not lend itself to specific locations or app requirements; for this situation, Arcanum® GPS allows you to easily add interactive and informative digital content to GPS location-based markers.
You can also set at what range these augmentations will become active or invisible, which opens up even more creative possibilites.


Arcanum® does all of the clever technical stuff, but what appears in your augmentations, how they look like, how they animate and sound is what will really impress on your users experience.

As part of the Arcanum® licensing you will have access to our creative and design team, to help bring your vision to reality.


Out of the box Arcanum® is already completely compatible with all AR capable smart devices for iOS and Android.

However, our team is constantly working to future proof the engine for all upcoming wearables and new devices as well as innovating new features.